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Contractors pick up the pieces after Harvey and Irma

A new feature by Hallie Busta at Construction Dive documents the progress that contractors have made in the early stages of rebuilding, after hurricanes Harvey and Irma destroyed several communities in the Caribbean and southern United States.

Check out the article here to learn about the process of assessing immediate needs and acquiring the necessary materials, and how the ...

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We’ve Partnered with Bryan Baeumler to #Rebuild Hard-Hit Communities

WRKS is proud to partner with Bryan Baeumler in the efforts to rebuild the areas hard-hit by recent natural disasters in Canada, the United States and Caribbean.

We were in the process of building an app that connects construction and real estate companies with all sorts of talented, caring people for normal, everyday construction projects. As we were launching the app, we saw the recovery work g ...

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Construction myths should be demolished

The world of construction has many work opportunities for all types of people, but there are harmful myths that may discourage some from pursuing a career in the industry.

Peder Madsen, president of the London Home Builders’ Association, puts 3 of these myths to rest with facts and insight into construction. Read the full article here.

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5 Trends Shaping the Future of Offsite Construction

In a new post from The Construction Dive, Mary Tyler March discusses offsite construction, which is becoming more popular in the States. As the industry faces a skilled-labour gap and a heightened demand for project completion, offsite construction seems to be an attractive alternative for many companies.

Check out the full article here, where 5 trends are examined to dem ...

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Toronto Takes Top Spot for Most Green Roofing Installed

The green roof and wall industry grew by double-digits in 2016, and Toronto had the most square footage of green roofing installed compared to other North American cities.

Since 2010, Toronto’s Green Roof Bylaw has helped to cool the city, mitigate water runoff, and add biodiversity, according to Jennifer Keesmaat (chief planner for the City of Toronto). Read the 

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