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WRKS makes hiring and getting hired in construction easy. We’re glad you’ve decided to join us for the new and better way to connect with companies and jobseekers in the construction industry.

You may be used to posting – that is, posting a new job as a company, and searching through job postings as a jobseeker. WRKS is different – we use Smart Matching™ to connect just the right individuals with the right companies. To get started, the most important things t ...

How To...Invite Your Coworkers to WRKS

You’ve got a company account, and you want your coworkers to join in? No problem. WRKS is a great way for the team to collaborate quickly and efficiently. Here’s how you can invite someone to your company in WRKS. (To view this in a new tab, click here.)

  1. In your menu (on the left), go to your company’s Dashboard.
  2. ...